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Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday March 21 2011 News Pics and Contest!!

Happy Happy Monday! I plan on making this an amazing week!
So first lets start a contest to win a pair of my dirty worn panties!

The game is called Where in the World is Racquel Devonshire?
Simple Rules : anyone can play, and the first person to post to the blog saying where I am with the correct answer wins!  So..... Where am I?

This is not Carmel CA .....Thanks for trying!  
 We have a Winner......
Yes Timmy this is Malibu CA. 
Send your address to my email so I can mail your prize!

New Contest Next Monday!
or email me to buy my panties bras shoes and more!

                                                                    Todays Haiku...
                                                                I love Tj's Cock
                          I like to make it cum hard
                            Watch it spurt a load!

OK, Free pics and more coming in a bit!

Talked to Tj about filming outside this week. He reminded me how windy it is this time of year, so I am pushing for a photo shoot at least! Maybe some flasher photos or something. We do already have a horny new video filmed for our members though... not to worry!
Last night I finished reading Cursed by Carol Higgins Clark, it was a cute mystery, not my normal blood and guts murders I like!

Here are some random photos!

Photos from new Videos at Clips4sale store 19854
being posted today!

                                      Boob Bounce Masturbation Instruction in Brown Leggins!

Toe Point Tease Brown Leggins!
Nose Fetish! Cum on my Nostrils!

Belly Tease Long Pink Nails and Lotion

Picking My Teeth Mouth Fetish!

Pumice and lotion on my feet
Masturbation Instruction!

Ass Tease Brown Leggins!

Dinner time! Tj is cooking chicken on the grill! We'll have a relaxing evening watching some television!


  1. Looks like California coast to me. Near Carmel.
    Randy (Westone)

  2. Sorry, Not Carmel CA. Thanks for trying, you can try again! Hugs R xo

  3. YOU Win Tim!
    Send me your adress so I can mail your package!