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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday May 31 Info and Images

Happy Tuesday!!
My gosh was my weekend long! I enjoyed it, weather was nice, but now I need a weekend to recover!! And on top of it I ran out of books to read, can't wait to get to town tomorrow and grab a stack!

Have you entered my Win Win this week? Every Friday I do a drawing and give away a free pair of Panties (socks for foot fans) and a 3 minute custom video.
Simply send your email to enter to subject "win Panties" or "win Video" and yes you can enter both!!

How about some free photos? These are from videos posted to my Clips4Sale Stores over the weekend.
Foot Store  Fetish Store

Teasing in my White Thong Sandals

Foot Tease Worship

Toes in the Carpet

Blue Toes Taupe Peep Toe Pumps

Sucking my Finger Like its your cock

Ass Worship Butt Tease (Nice Version)

Blowing the TV Repair Guy!!
See this video at Plus hundredsmore of my blow job & Facial Videos

Tits in your face Mast Inst

OK, lots to do, custom videos to film, gotta get in a workout and have some lunch!!
Back later!!

More Tit Picks #TittyTuesday

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