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Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday May 6 2011 Pics and Info

TGIF!! I had a busy day today running errands with Tj. He woke me up and said "let's go!" Not really a fan of that as I always have so much to do. It is almost 7 PM and I am just getting on my computer for the day.
I will be playing catch up on stuff all day tomorrow now, but thats what tomorrows are for.... right?

We went and bought my Simms Fly Fishing boots, my license and my sunglasses! Now I have everything I need to fish with him one day next week. I will be sure and take a camera!

I am cutting the video to give you Fridays Free Facial right this moment!

I will add a few photos from this video too!
All of it along with hundreds more videos and thousands more photos can be seen at

Been fighting a headache all day, I think I have been neglecting drinking enough water.

Will post more photos of my Clips4Sale Videos in a bit!
Will be working and enjoyng some tv with Tj this evening. One of our fav shows is on "Supernatural".


Here are some Free Fanny Pics!

                                                                        Hope you like!!
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